You must be at least 27 years old to rent and drive one of the Family Ski Boats with 40 horsepower and above motors , Wakeboard boats and/or the Pontoon boats.

Under no circumstances are pets of any kind allowed on any of our boats.† Please leave your pets home or at your camp site.

Children 13 and under must have a life vest on at all times when they are on the boat. (These life vests are provided at no extra cost.)

We provide USCGA vests for everyone on the boat.† Ski vests are provided for adults with equipment rentals up to 2 ski vests per boat.

All of our boats are to stay in at least 10 feet of water and never to be beached on shore.† If you beach our boat you will be held liable for the repairs to the hull.

No more than 3 drivers are allowed for a rental.† All drivers must be present during the initial boat review and orientation.

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Rental Rules

Note:† Please read the Contract in itís entirety to understand all the rules and regulations that must be observed during your rental.† These rules and regulations are there for the safety and enjoyment during your boat rental

Escape to the Lake!!

We do not allow any kind of charcoal grills, fuel containers, or metal beach equipment on board any of our boats.

Fishing gear is allowed on any of our four fishing  boats and #7 (Bennington Pontoon).

Fishing gear is not allowed on our other ski and pontoon boats.

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We do not guarantee our stereo systems on any of our boats. If music is important to your time at the lake, please bring your own form of a portable music device.

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